Skies of War

Skies of War 4.0

The sky is the limit ... but what about the Skies of War?
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Skies of war is a really interesting and fun game. You control an airplane and fight ten different missions to win the war. To do this you will have eight different planes, with different characteristics suited to different objectives, to choose from. You start with only one though and as long as you complete the missions you will be unlocking new planes. In each mission you choose between several weapons which to put in your airplane and how many of them too. It has really great graphics, and music. The sound effects are very good too. It is a pretty easy game to play. It has a short tutorial that explains all you need to know to play. With your plane you will fight enemy aircrafts, ground forces and you will have to destroy enemy buildings too. You have a limited fuel tank and you have to keep an eye on it so you don’t run out of fuel. When you notice that the tank is getting empty you can go back and land in your airfield and get your tank filled and your plane repaired too. In the full version you can choose from two different modes to play, “Campaign” and “Single Mission”. Also in the full version you have more aircraft weapons, and more enemies. To sum up, Skies of War is great and fun game

Review summary


  • A lot of fun
  • Great graphics
  • Easy to play


  • A little short
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